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Hi, I'm ARKiV. I create experimental electronic music in several different styles. While I'm known to make the occasional ambient or house track, my main style is downtempo IDM. Every so often, I also come up with an occasional drum and bass track. While my style may vary from track to track, my overall sound is distinct and recognizable, utilizing the most up-to-date music creation and production software available to me. I hope you enjoy my music, and remember, if you're not satisfied with what you hear, check out the next one, for it may be completely different! I have recently ventured into a new area of multimedia production. For a few years now, I have been producing videos for my music as well as some great highlight videos. Scroll down a bit to see a couple of original videos I have produced and download the music created for the videos. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel in the "Links" section below for my music videos.

Contact: yoarkiv (AT) gmail dot com

Latest Tracks

Unfrozen Thoughts 6:57 15.9MB 256Kbps MP3
Sitting inside on a cold and bitter day, I long for the far-off warmth of the coming spring. Like a cozy blanket this track will wrap you in comfort and keep you company until the flowers bloom and the leaves fill the trees.

Solid Science 4:14 9.7MB 256Kbps MP3
This not-exactly-dubstep track was an experiment in producing outside my normal genres. Follow the scientific method from the hypothesis to the final conclusion. A true, one-of-a-kind scientific breakthrough!

Fluid Dynamics 6:52 12.5MB 256Kbps MP3
The audio embodiment of liquid flow. Moving synths and a good beat take us through the wonders of physics while the air swirls around us.

Hold High Night Sky 6:51 12.5MB 256Kbps MP3
A venture into the abstract, a celebration of noise as music, this track is as much organic as it is synthetic. With unique melodies backed by warm synths, it's a full-bodied downtempo experience!

Dementulation 5:49 10.9MB 256Kbps MP3
Heavy bass and rough edged drums grace this track throughout with a percussive background and creepy melodies. It's enough to drive you crazy.

Old Favorites

Flax Pitnog 5:04 9.3MB 256Kbps MP3
Nifty IDM track with an odd time signature, thick synths, and the obligatory Amen Break! Typical of my usual style, this track will get your legs bouncing and your head bobbing. Check out the video on my YouTube channel!

Reprieva 7:25 13.6MB 256Kbps MP3
Is it house? Is it trance? Not really... it's just a fun little number that's always been one of my favorites. Thick chords and boppy synths throughout make this one a head bobber. Check out the video on my YouTube channel!

Unquiet Soup Banquet 4:59 9.1MB 256Kbps MP3
This IDM treat is loved by many of my "fans" (sic) around the world. Chunky, bouncy, melodic, dirty, just plain good. Enjoy this one while you're having that plain soup from a can.

Delaware County 6:17 11.5MB 256Kbps MP3
I created this track to pay homage to the county in which I grew up and now drive through for fun. Groovy drum loops matched with glitchy percussion, wide chords and flowing leads make this one a great driving song. Check out the video on my YouTube channel!

The Slave Machine 3:57 7.2MB 256Kbps MP3
Utilizing a loop cut from an Ian Nault song, super thick bass synths, some weird lead sounds and crazy samples run through wicked effects, this one will definitely have you dancing at your desk. Check out the video on my YouTube channel!

Remixes, Covers and Other Stuff
(Just For Fun)

Everybody Wants To Rule The World 5:37 12.8MB 256Kbps MP3
Oh that 80's sound! A venerable classic from the era of new-wave and parachute pants. This cover of a Tears For Fears track is a trip back to a time when MTV actually played music and the cold war was in full swing.

Steely Dan - King Of The World (ARKiV's Jester Mix) 6:00 13.7MB 256Kbps MP3
Turning the jazz-rock stylings of Donald Fagen and Walter Becker into a drum and bass explosion! This is a remix of a classic track that has long been one of my favorite Dan-tunes.

Mystic Rhythms 7:21 13.4MB 256Kbps MP3
This is a cover of a song by my favorite rock band Rush. A slightly darker version while still keeping true to the original. Rush fans agree, it's a great version of a great song.

King Of Memes 4:35 8.4MB 256Kbps MP3
A parody on the song "King Of Pain" by The Police, this track deals with the subject of internet memetics. Yes, I sing poorly. Check out the video on my YouTube channel, it's my most-viewed video! (Over 9000 views!)

Kraftwerk - Expo 2000 (ARKiV's Käsiger Tanzklub Mix) 6:18 11.5MB 256Kbps MP3
Every electronic musician should agree that Kraftwerk were true pioneers of the art, and what collection would be complete without this gem? A faster tempo, extra synths and thick effects give this legendary track new life as a very danceable song.

Here are a couple of videos that I made that feature new original music written specifically for the videos!


Miatas At The Gap XVI, July 27-29, 2012 - A Highlight Video
For Best Viewing, Don't Forget To Change Quality to 720p HD and Full Screen!

Miatas At The Gap XVI, a gathering of Miata enthusiasts at Deals Gap, North Carolina, took place the weekend of July 27-29, 2012. This is a video of highlights from the event, including footage from the vendor's area at Fontana Village, the Thursday Night Sunset Run on the Cherohala Skyway, the Fat Buddies BBQ Run down Wayah Road, the gathering at Fontana Dam for the group picture, the Saturday Night Beer Swap and Wine Tasting, many of the other area roads and of course the beautiful scenery. Enjoy the highlights along with my music, which was written specifically for this event.

Special thanks to Fontana Village Resort, Fontana Dam, NC for yet again going above and beyond to make sure we all had a great time. We will be back for MATG XVII!

Click To Download ---> ARKiV - Calderwood Curves 12:12 27.9MB 320Kbps MP3


Attack Of The G-Forces by ARKiV
For Best Viewing, Don't Forget To Change Quality to 720p HD and Full Screen!

They lurk in the mountains...
Wherever there are corners they can be found...
They can sneak up without warning...
They can get you when you least expect them...
Some have even said that man is no match for their power...
Brace yourself for the inevitable...


Click To Download ---> ARKiV - Attack Of The G-Forces 5:36 12.8MB 320Kbps MP3


Don't forget to click the song title to download the MP3!

Be sure to check out the rest of my videos on my YouTube channel in the "Links" section below!


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